Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peeta the Pelican

So there is this pond that I frequent on occasion. I'll not give specifics so hopefully no one out there can stalk me, but anyway, a few weeks ago, I saw a pelican there. A pelican had never been there before so it, in all my silliness, made me really excited. It was love at first sight I guess. I loved that pelican. So I wanted to name it. I asked around for a cool name and one of my sisters suggested several names. The name I liked best: Peeta. Not only does Peeta the Pelican sound just awesome, but it's the name of a character from the book Hunger Games. I love that book and especially the character Peeta from that book. And since I love that pelican almost as much as I love Peeta, what a better name for that pelican. A few days later, another pelican showed up. It needed a name too. We had to stick with the Hunger Games theme so we named it Katniss, for the girl in Hunger Games (yeah, I know that's a weird name). Occasionally there is a third pelican and we call that one Haymitch (also from Hunger Games). Seeing those pelicans, for some bizarre reason, makes me really happy.
And it is the simple pleasures like that which make life all the more enjoyable. Go find yourself a Peeta the Pelican.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Songs Stuck in My Head

So I have a song stuck in my head that is further proof of my extreme dork-ness. Or nerd-ness. (I always get those two mixed up.) It's a song from the commentary on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog. Oh, Nathan Fillion, your dulcet tones make me . . . happy. (Lame adjective, Maurie.) Anyway, it's a pretty fun song. "I'm better, better than Neil. In so many ways it's hard to conceal. Look at his smallness, compared to my tallness. My porcelain dollness." Another song that has been stuck in my head lately includes Bulletproof by La Roux. I even have a dance to go with it. Catch me in the right mood when that song is playing and there is no stopping my 'mazing moves. Watch out, world.

As a note of interest concerning my last post, I've been watching the third season of Burn Notice. Woot! It is both funny ("MichaelheartsDiego" you heard about that? Now I'm embarrassed), with amazing action, and even touching/tender moments (Fiona is not my past). If you haven't taken my advice yet and started watching, get on that. If any of you are even reading this. Whoever "you" are.