Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me from K-N

Kids: my sister is going to have another baby soon and I am practically dying because I can't be there. I want to babysit my niece and nephew while the new baby is being born. But I especially want to hold this new little baby (Wee Baby Three) and kiss her and smell her and feel her baby soft skin. It's killing me that I'm here. So if you're reading this Brittany and Scott, move back to Utah already ;)
Love of my life: Michael Westen
Milk preference: 1% but I can handle 2% and skim. I've never really had any experience with whole milk . . .
Nicknames: Moe, Moe B, Morrow, Snow White, Mars, Maurinator, Maurberry

Me from G-J

Game I love: ninja assassin!!!
Hobby I wish I took more time for: arts and crafts, like painting and drawing
Instrument I play: piano-ish
Job title: page
I just started working at the library as a page. I'm still learning what all my responsibilities are so far but right now I think I mostly just work on shelving books. It might sound boring but I love it a lot so far.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Favorite food: pizza
(Am I the only getting kind of bored of this A-Z thing???)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Expertise Knowledge of: Harry Potter
Lame, dorky, ridiculous, sad, take it as you will, but I am an expert on Harry Potter. Go on, ask me anything. I will most likely have an answer. (And if I don't, I know I could find it within a matter of minutes).
Another fun fact: my sister Linda recently downloaded all the Harry Potter audio books to our iTunes. My other sister Shelby was listening to all the songs on shuffle and sometimes a few seconds of the Harry Potter books would begin to play. Shelby and I played a game (mostly it was must me) to see how fast I could tell which book it was from. It usually took me three seconds or less. That's how ridiculous/awesome I am.