Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Ladies at the Gym

Dear Ladies at the gym,
You're great. It's awesome that we are all there together working out and staying fit. Truly. But please, please could you stop talking during the cool down part of the work out? I understand that we are all girls and we like to talk. I know how therapeutic talking can be. But the cool down is also therapeutic. It is one of the few chances in my days to clear my mind and that is harder to do when all I can hear is you gossiping right next to me. Sometimes I can't even hear the instructor say which part of the body to stretch next. There's a reason why she puts on soothing music and turns off the lights. So that we can cool down and meditate and what not. NOT so that we can talk loudly about so and so from the ward who really dropped the ball on the primary program. I love you ladies but could you please keep it to yourself until after the class is over???
Had to get that out there. Even though I know none of you read this blog.


  1. I always read it and I always love your posts!

  2. You tell those ladies at the gym!!! It is uber annoying!