Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Awesome Friends

I have a lot of great friends. I love them a whole lot! So here they are (by category) in no particular order:
My high school/married friends:
Amelia, Jessica, Kara, me and Brittany. I think it's so great that even though it's been a few years since we've all graduated, and even though all of them are married but me we still get together every once in awhile and I know that I can count on them. And another bonus, I am now friends with all of their great husbands so the number of my friends has like doubled! Sometimes we have fun with just the girls or sometimes we all party!
My JD pals
Shantel, Megan, and Camrie. I love these girls. Even though none of us work at Johnny's Dairy anymore we still get toghether for our JD girl nights. And Megan is my gang member MC (I0I). Sometimes we go to Firehouse which is of course delicious. And I love that Megan mentions me in her blog. It always makes me smile. I just saw Shantel and Megan for Curved MC's birthday and I hope to see Camrie soon as well
My singles ward friends
I have made some great friends at the singles ward. I know there are a lot of people out there who don't like singles wards but if you go with the right attitude, you truly meet some of the funnest people. And you get to play fun games like Human Rock Paper Scissors (note Jayme's awesome scissors in this picture
My family
I feel fortunate to count my family as my friends. I love them!!!
This list also includes the great friends I have met at school including Brianna Kent, Melissa Brown and others :) I wish I could give you all a hug and say thanks for being awesome!!!

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