Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 2-A photo of something you ate today

This isn't something I ate today but I'm doing this kind of weird. Day 2 for me was yesterday but I'm posting it today (so today is technically Day 3, if that makes any kind of sense). I made gingerbread houses with some friends yesterday and it was so fun!!! And no, I didn't eat everything on this house but I had some of the twizzlers, and the white chocolate, and some of the gummy trees. It was both fun and delicious!


  1. Your house is adorable! Thats mostly why we bought twizzlers cause they are the one things I will eat off my house

  2. Those twizzlers were really good. My mom asked me if it was okay if my niece and nephew ate my house when they come and I said, "NO!!!" They can't eat my beautiful house! ha ha

  3. Ember made a gingerbread house at preschool and Benson keeps trying to eat it! Ember doesn't want him to, but he's sneaked a few candies. Looks great!