Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 7-Your dream wedding

My dream wedding. So, since this is a dream that means I have limitless amounts of money, correct? Sigh. Here goes my ultimate cheesiness.
We (me and this alleged fiance/husband) would get marreid at the Ogden Temple in April or May. The colors would be light pink and light blue. Tulips would definitely be involved somehow. Then there would be the necessary pictures and what not. Then a really nice luncheon/dinner with all of our beloved close friends and family. I would want the dinner to either be like pasta with yummy rolls or maybe pizza ha ha. The dessert would be cupcakes that have little pink or blue flowers on the frosting (am I going into too much detail?) But that is just the beginning of the party. I would not really want to have a formal reception with like a line. After the dinner there would be dancing--lots of dancing. I would play all my favorite songs and everyone would be having the most spectacular time. There would be a really nice photographer taking lots of pictures of us and our friends and fam. After the dance we would cut the cake (which my Aunt Carol would make), throw the bouquet/garter, and then we would swoop off for our honeymoon to either an Italian villa or Wizarding World in Florida ha ha. That is my dream wedding. I guess. Ha ha

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  1. I love it! Especially the dancing, I wish I had dancing at my reception. Now, I'll get to do that at yours!